BIRTHPLACE - Save the rainforest
F2P mobile strategy game. More info here
Style exploration, character design, concept art, props, style guide & UI.
Rescue Wings
F2P mobile game. Download here
🏆Nominated for International Mobile Gaming Awards.
Art direction, concept art, in-game art assets & UI.

Entertainment Game. A music experience for Sony Playstation VR. More info here
🏆 Best XR Game - Game Bakery Award
Concept & Marketing art.
An app together with a children's book. 
🏆Golden Lovie Award Winner. Download the app here.
Illustrations, concept & in-game art assets. 
Traffic Jams
Entertainment VR Game. Currently in development at Little Chicken Game Company. 
Strategy PC Game, playable via Steam
Concept art for environment & buildings.
Age of Wonders 3
PC Game, playable via Steam. Official website here.
Concept art & story campaign illustrations.
Games, websites, apps. 

Student work for the HKU Netherlands & CONCEPT DESIGN ACADEMY in Los Angeles.
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